About Us


The mission of the Association of Certified Dermatology Techs (ACDT) is to provide education and certification to those working in the supportive roles of clinical dermatology.  Although our main website is found at dermatologytech.org, we’ve created this site in order to provide a complimentary resource to those wishing to learn more about the upcoming transition to ICD-10.

In the past, the role of “dermatology nurse” was traditionally filled by Registered Nurses (RNs). In recent decades, a transition has taken place in which this clinical support is much more likely to be provided by individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds – ranging from formally trained MAs to CNAs, as well as others without any prior formal medical education, whose training has taken place entirely on-the-job.

Until now, there have been no educational resources designed for this “new era” of clinical dermatology support staff. The mission of the ACDT is to provide such training through our Certified Dermatology Tech® training course.  The latest addition to our course is the training module provided on this site titled “Introduction to ICD-10 for Dermatology“.